Rip City Youth

Rip City Youth is a movement of students coming together as a family to experience God, encourage each other, and using their talents and influence to make an impact in the city of Portland, and beyond. 

Our goal is to create a safe and comfortable place for young people to learn about Christ. We aim to help youth realize (with confidence) the call God has on their lives, and to disciple them to go out and change their world.

Meeting Time

We meet on Wednesday nights from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. to hangout together, and soak in some truth of the Bible! (DINNER IS PROVIDED)

NEED A RIDE? 503.775.1565

"It is not just the light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake."
Frederick Douglass